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[IPk] 508 remotes

Dear Pat

Having followed your mails regarding your adventures with the 508 remote
control, it prompted me to try and set mine up.

I got it to successfully deliver a 0.5 bolus from the remote after linking
it to the pump and setting up the audio bolus, which  I haven't seen you
mention (probably not reading the mail closely enough!)

After linking the remote to the pump through the RF Dev screen, I had to go
back into Setup II  and go to the Audio bolus screen where you have to turn
the feature on and then choose the 'step' of the bolus (either 0.5 or 1.0
units per press of the bol button on the remote).  After setting this, let
the pump time out and you should be ready to go!

I chose 0.5 steps and after waking the pump up gave a 0.5 unit bolus with no
probs.  Hope this might be of use to you.

Kind Regards

IDDM 24yrs, 508 pumper nearly 3 weeks (and loving it!)

P.S. Setting the audio bolus also means you can audio bolus by using the
arrow buttons on the pumps itself rather than having to go through the
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