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Re: [IPk] erratic bg

> Does anyone else have this problem and, if so, how do they get around it.  Do
> you think it's because I am a couch-potato most evenings?  I am not a big
> eater and have average sized meals and never eat a dessert of any kind.  What
> am I doing wrong?   Help, please!
Hi Marcia
I see you've had some useful suggestions already, but I thought I'd add a
comment.  I find a huge difference between sitting around after a meal and
doing something, in terms of the subsequent BG rise. My body seems to be very
sensitive to exercise when I have an active bolus. So, just doing stuff like
walking around the house - e.g. tidying up - rather than sitting in a chair,
makes a big difference to my post-meal BG. It doesn't have to be real exercise.
It could well be a combination of factors that's causing your Bgs to rise, but
sitting around after a meal doesn't help. If you regularly do this, you might
want to increase your bolus to take account of this.
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