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RE: [IPk] Problem with remote

>I just, for the purposes of scientific experiment, ate a white chocolate
finger biscuit (life is hard!), and tried to bolus 0.3 - activated it,
pressed BOL slowly 3 times, still no beep (the LED does flicker while
button is depressed), and then ACT again.  Nothing happens.

Hi Pat -

The audio bolus is only available in .5 or 1 unit measures, so you wouldn't
have bolused .3 units anyway - you would have bolused 1.5 or 3 units. So
it's good it didn't work! There's a place where you can set this in setup
II -audio bolus. I don't remember what the default is.

I find the remote takes a lot of fiddling. I thik the batteries need to be
well charged for it to work properly. I know you've only just go it, but
perhaps you need a new battery? I also need to hold the remote very close to
my pump in order for it to work. So, if I have my pump in a bra, I  hold the
remote quite close to my chest. This makes it less discreet, certainly, but
it's more discreet than putting your hand down your top and fishing in your

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