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Re: [IPk] pumping in hospital

It is probably too late now for diabeteic Mums who have suffered dreadful
experiences in hospital but the unit I work in recently took part in a
survey requesting onfo on care diven to pregnant women with Diabetes it
woul seem that they are recommending a midwife to be appointed in each
unit to care for these mums and I for one am all for it Carmel

>From: "Abigail King" <email @ redacted> >Reply-To:
email @ redacted >To: <email @ redacted> >Subject:
[IPk] pumping in hospital >Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 20:03:32 +0100 > >I
would be very interested in reading the model letter in "diabetes
>solutions". Can you reall the author/ publisher etc >It would be
interesting to see a lawsuit from poor inpatient diabetes care. >When i
was working in A and E one of the surgical senior house officers was
>asking one of the medics about premixed insulin. a patient of his had
had no >insulin for some hours post op because he didn't feel like eating
and >consequently had a BM in the 30s!! > >On a slightly different
subject, I broached the subject of wanting to remain >on my pump if I
ever required inpatient treatment, but that I'd be happy for >intravenous
sliding scale should i require an anaesthetic.This was to the >DSN who is
normally very supportive. I was met with the response that it >would
probably mean swapping to injections( the old bull about them not
>understanding pumps and them having responsibility for the care of the
>patient while in hospital) >I think the fundamental problem here is that
medics have shunned >responsibility ( why do so many people have poor
control, disabling hypos, >complications etc) It's the patient who
suffers if the high BG causes them >to feel rough, develop a wound
infection etc, or if they have a bad hypo. I >also wander whether a
patient suffering from a severe hypo due to a change >in regimen enforced
upon them by a hospital, would have to forfeit their >driving licence,
and whether it would affect employment >I don't think we can afford to be
" nice co operative " people when it comes >to our own health. I beleive
that sometimes the only option is to make >yourself unpopular
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