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[IPk] pumping in hospital

I would be very interested in reading the model letter in "diabetes
solutions".  Can you reall the author/ publisher etc
It would be interesting to see a lawsuit from poor inpatient diabetes care.
When i was working in A and E one of the surgical senior house officers was
asking one of the medics about premixed insulin. a patient of his had had no
insulin for some hours post op because he didn't feel like eating and
consequently had a BM in the 30s!!

On a slightly different subject, I broached the subject of wanting to remain
on my pump if I ever required inpatient treatment, but that I'd be happy for
intravenous sliding scale should i require an anaesthetic.This was to the
DSN who is normally very supportive. I was met with the response that it
would probably mean swapping to injections( the old bull about them not
understanding pumps and them having responsibility for the care of the
patient while in hospital)
I think the fundamental problem here is that medics have shunned
responsibility ( why do so many people have poor control, disabling hypos,
complications etc)  It's the patient who suffers if the high BG causes them
to feel rough, develop a wound infection etc, or if they have a bad hypo. I
also wander whether a patient suffering from a severe hypo due to a change
in regimen enforced upon them by a hospital, would have to forfeit their
driving licence, and  whether it would affect employment
I don't think we can afford to be " nice co operative " people when it comes
to our own health. I beleive that sometimes the only option is to make
yourself unpopular
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