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[IPk] Re: Pumping in Hospital

Dear All

Thankyou so much for all your supportive messages. I wondered if I was perhaps
over reacting before but now I am convinced that I was treated very badly and
that I must complain or else the same could happen to someone else.
The whole experience from labour onwards has been a nightmare. I think that an
obstetrician should have been present during the birth as the baby's shoulders
were stuck. Instead I had 3 midwifes trying to get her out and as a result I
was left with a nasty second degree tear. This was left to heal on its own and
as a result became infected.
One of the doctors later admitted that it should have been stitiched after
delivery and as I developed a second infection after an initial course of
antibiotics I had to be admitted for the wound to be cleaned and repaired
under anaesthetic.
As if that wasn't bad enough I then received sub-standard care for my
Incidently, I only saw my diabetes consultant once. That was 2 days after the
birth when everything was going well.  After that I saw the registrar only
once although he was contacted by the midwifes by phone. The maternity unit is
attached to the main hospital where my diabetes dept. is located so there is
no reason why someone couldn't have come over to see me. I also haven't seen
my obstetric consulatant since well before the baby was born. Instead I saw a
serious of junior doctors and hardly ever the same person twice.
I don't blame the midwives as they can't be expected to know all about
diabetes. They were extremely kind and caring but were obviously over worked.
I feel very let down as the antenatal care I recevied was very good. It seems
like you are just ignored once the baby is born. This should be a happy time
for me but instead I have been left in a mess and very angry with the NHS.
I will be taking Elizabeth's advice and complaining to the highest level in
due course.

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