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Re: [IPk] How do you carry your pumps?


I haven't posted before, but I have been reading (it's good stuff).  I've 
had my pump since February, it's the best decision I ever made!

I really thought I'd be shy about having my pump visible, but have been 
surprised to find I want to show it off.  It's normally clipped to my 
waistband, I've acquired a few cases in different colours (my pump matches 
my trousers although my shoes rarely match my handbag.....).  That doesn't 
work with a dress, but it does fit in the bra OK. It wears a baby's sock to 
stop me ...er... perspiring on it.  Strange, you think it ought to show but 
it doesn't.  I tried one of these leg elastic things too, which is OK for an 
evening but highly uncomfortable for any longer than that.

On the beach thing, I just got back from visiting relatives in Australia.  
We went to the beach a few times, I just kept the pump on, clipped to my 
swimsiut.  I disconnected to go in the sea.  The heat was about 26-28 
degrees, and the insulin seemed to stay OK.  The pump did show, but nobody 
gave me a second glance.  I can tell you though, that those clear sticky 
tape dressings are not "tan-thru". I now have a suntan with a couple of 
white rectangles on it!.

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