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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V1 #474

Difficulties with intensive contol
  Ive been IDD for 14 years with the last 9months on a mimimed 508.The pump 
has improved things but with the tools we presently have its still hit and 
miss a lot of the time.There are too many variables in the equation.
 Hopefully tecnology of glucose sensors will close the loop or maybe it wont 
be too long before we can have our own islet cells grown and transplanted 
back.I know research has started on the latter but its getting very little 
funding.Maybe we should all become a bit more millitant and demand more off 
the powers that be and bring a cure a lot closer.I still think most people 
think IDD is a minor inconvenience.
  Ill get off my soap box now.I enjoy reading the exchanges and some have 
helped me improve my control.
   Thanks to everyone
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