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Re: [IPk] How do you carry your pumps?

Not to get too personal here, but if you wear it in your bra, isn't one 
sider bigger than the other?  Or do you have to be a certain "size"?

I am sorry if this is too personal, or offensive to anyone!


>From: "Ingrid Fylling" <email @ redacted>
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>To: <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IPk] How do you carry your pumps?
>Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 16:17:07 +0200
>I currently place the pump in the left pocket of my trousers. When wearing
>clothes with no pocket, I put it in my bra.
>The good thing about the pocket is the good and quick access to the pump. 
>I don't notice it beeing there. The drawback is that other people easily 
>see something in my pocket and a little bit of the tubing sticking out.
>When wearing it in my bra, I notice the pump all the time - as a constant
>reminder of my diabetes. On hot days I sweat a lot under the pump. That 
>to itchy skin and a stinking pump. The only good thing is that other people
>can't see it.
>I'm curious about how you do it. If you keep it visible to others: How do 
>react? (I don't feel to feminine when carrying the pump in the belt, 
>people think it's a hi tech cell phone or pager).
>BTW: How do you do it during the summer? On the beach for instance? Do you
>leave the pump at home/your hotel and switch to injections, or do you keep 
>on? How can one avoid cooking the insulin in the heat?
>Thanks to everyone that replies :)
>507C 5 months
>(sorry about my English..., I could need some practise ;)
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