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RE: [IPk] which pump?

I have a 508. I would really like it to keep a record of temporary basals,
in the same way it keeps a record of boluses. I will write to them about
this someday...

The other thing about the 508 is that it doesn't seem to average temporary
basals properly. For example, say I set a temporary basal of .1 per hour. It
seems logical to me that the machine would take that .1, average it out over
the hour, and deliver the .1 a half hour after I program the temporary
basal. It doesn't: it delivers the .1 immediately after the programming is
done. This is why, in practice, I often set temporary basals of 0 for 30
minutes, and then (hopefully) remember in 45 minutes to an hour to set
another temporary basal of 0 for 30 minutes! I do prefer the Minimed
temporary basal to the Disetronic because the Disetronic works on a
percentage basis, which I thought was fiddly and awkward - but to someone
else it may make perfect sense.

I decided against a water proof pump because I don't go swimming much, I
don't care about keeping it on in the shower, and I don't want my pump to
keep pumping if I fall off the ferry - I think that's the time I want _less_
insulin. I know it's a completely rediculous worry to have in the back of my
mind, but I get anxious about bizarre things.

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