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SV: [IPk] which pump?

 What I don't like about my pump? That was a hard one to answer. But I've
noticed some drawbacks with my MM507C

*Beeping (I long for a newer model with the wibrate mode)
*Being hooked up to that thing all the time (chose it myself though :)
*Those three hourly beeps which comes with the temp. basal rate
*I'd like optional vibration or sound signals for every push on any button.
That would alow more adwanced programming without the need for seeing the
*To fill the syringe.
*Booring priming of infusion sets. 5 minutes to deliver 10 IU. I think the
Disetronic pumps have more rapid delivery, but I'm not sure about that.

I have never tried anything but the 507C, so I've got nothing to compare it
to. I can't tell if one pump model is better than the other. Anyway the
MiniMeds have functions that the H-Tron doesn't have. (like the prolonged
bolus, and combination bolus option). Personally I think MiniMed's design is
the prettiest. Disetronic pumps look moore like medical things I think.

This is my personal opinion though. If you have the oportunity to try more
than one model - do it! Some people swear to the H-Tron, while others prefer
the 507C/508.

If I could choose, I would have chosen the 508. The problem is that I haven't
seen it used in Norway. A bit weird, because the Sweedes use it. I am going to
call the distributor to find out what's going on when I get up in the

Good night everybody :-)
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