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Re: [IPk] which pump?

I'd agree with everything John says.

Things I don't like about the 508 - that's a good question - the first
I've had to think about it!
* clicking 
* only two lengths of canulla with the soft set, one too short, one too
* not enough space between the set and the quick release (so I can't
tape up a big enough loop, so I have to tape the other side of the
release, so I have to put a new bit on each time I take a bath, swim,
* having to take the clip off before the door opens wide enough to get
the syringe out.
* not being able to download to computer (allegedly this can be done,
but no-one knows how)
* weight

I get a remote next week, so the problem that I can't see the figures
when its at my waist and not wearing my reading glasses is going to go.

I would also like a more intelligent operator, as this one is prone to
dropping it on the floor, forgetting to bolus, misguessing how much
carbohydrate there is in rice, misreading the time and as a result
assuming that more of the previous correction bolus had been used than
actually had ...

In an ideal world, the pump would be connected to a continuous blood
glucose meter and a mass spectrometer and weighing scales, of course ...

Hmmm, and while I'm having this little fantasy, wouldn't individualised
tones and screens, as with mobile phones be cool!  On the other hand,
since my phone has a ring which I think of as 'random noise' (because I
won't mistake it for anyone else's) maybe it's best that I don't inflict
any more noise pollution on the world.

That is the negatives - the positives are a very, very long list,
starting with 'I can wake up with normal blood glucose levels', and
going on from there.

On the things-to-read side, there are some very good websites.  And the
thing I don't like about Pumping Insulin is it's almost continuous use
of US measurements, and failure to include a conversion table, yes, of
course, one can divide everything by 18, but when one is already coping
with a sum with four figures in it, I find it a bit difficult. See
earlier idea of having a more intelligent operator as a solution.

On the nurse who thinks all one needs to do is get good control, and
forget about new-fangled gadgets.  They are not all like that!  The
problem is, if you _could_ get good control, it would almost certainly
be at the expense of a lot of time, and perhaps of lifestyle, possibly
with some discomfort, if not pain.  Time, lifestyle choices and comfort
are things which some medical people find it difficult to understand are
not things which they have the right to deny us.  With the rationing
which is inevitable in the NHS, they have the right to say 'we think
your time is less worthy of our money than this person's comfort' and so
on, but they don't have the right to stop us spending our own money on
our own comfort, etc.  And that is assuming that the ONLY reason we want
the new way is to gain time, comfort, etc., and not to buy ourselves the
chance of a longer complication-free life, or other benefits of good

Best wishes to all,

(currently engaging in displacement activity ... she will now go back
and write a bit more about functional, cultural and economic
explanations for change in the building trades ... as above, she'd like
to do this with a more intelligent operator).
Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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