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Re: [IPk] On the pump at last!

>I have had a teething problem though - last night my
>Sofset canula fell out. I am still deciding which set
>to use and this experience may swing me towards the
>Silhouette. Any comments/preferences?

Jenny - it took me a long time to decide which I prefered. Initially I
liked the SofSet because you can fire it in painlessly with a SofSerter -
bit like an oversized finger pricker. And I am a bit softie when it comes
to sticking large needles into my skin! But they don't stick well - you may
need a lot of tape to hold it down, and your skin may not like that. And
when a SofSet gets pulled and slips, the fine tube into you gets buckled
and blocks.

Then I tried the Tender or Silhouette (same product - just packaged under
the Disetronic or MiniMed label) and I found sticking it in was more
grusome, and required a bit more skill. But once I'd got the hang of it I
loved them - and that's what I've been using for the last 3 years. On my
skin they stick well with no extra tape, and rarely slip or fall out. And
because they are not poking straight in, but go in at a shallow angle, you
can use leaner areas of your body.

MiniMed have recently introduced a new set called the QuickSet - which is
similar to the SofSet, but it disconnects directly on the surface of the
skin, and sticks better. These are being phased in, so do talk to AMT about
UK availability.

There's also a new Disetronic set called the Ultraflex, but I am told that,
for patent reasons, it won't be sold in Europe which is a pity.

More general info at


including photos, and 2 videos of a chap inserting a Tender/Silhouette
infusion set.


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