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Re: [IPk] On the pump at last!


I prefer the Silhouette sets, hands-down.  Yeah, I have to insert them rather
slowly--no nifty inserter thingy exists for them--but I can see exactly where
the cannula goes in, which is nice for watching the appearance of one's
insertion site.  I have also found that the Silhouttes stick to me better than
the Sof-Sets did.  I've heard some comments in the past (not on this list)
about how one's body chemistry might affect adhesive "stickiness," so you may
find the Silhouette better or worse than the Sof-Set.  I know a guy who swears
by IV Prep wipes (I don't recall the mfr., but I am sure 20 people on the list
will know).  He says the wipes make his skin a better surface for the Sof-Set

Good luck!

Melissa Ford
IDDM 7 years; MiniMed pumper 5 years

Sewanee, Tennessee (USA)<br clear=all><hr>Get your FREE download of MSN
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