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Re: [IPk] hypers

>On an add occasion as
>i'm sure it happens to alot of diabiteics we misjudge the insulin dosage
>or the amount of carbs to eat,when we test later it could be high if this
>is the case Emily usually give herself a little bolus to put her on track
>and its usually perfect afterwards.The new doctor said that she should
>stop doing this

Hi Paul -

If a doctor gave me advice like that, I would report the doctor to the
relevant authorities. We pay doctors (directly or indirectly) to advise us,
and if the doctor does not understand the basic principals of pump therapy
- that you can correct a high bg with a precise amount of insulin - that
doctor should not be advising a pump patient.

    Doctors are professionals whose job it is to

Obviously Emily is the person to decide whether she knows better than her
doctor - but it sounds to me as if she does!

Correcting a high with a precise amount of insulin is a basic pump skill -
it's what I do all the time. Obviously you've also got to try and work out
why it went high, and try and stop it happening the next time. Not always
possible, I know - that's life. But tweaking your bg as you go along is one
of the strengths of pump therapy.


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