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Dear all,             Emily went to see her doctor yesterday but she
didnt see the usual doctor she saw his replacement.Her hba1c was alot
better from 8.9 to 7.8 but we've a long way to go.On an add occasion as
i'm sure it happens to alot of diabiteics we misjudge the insulin dosage
or the amount of carbs to eat,when we test later it could be high if this
is the case Emily usually give herself a little bolus to put her on track
and its usually perfect afterwards.The new doctor said that she should
stop doing this,in my oppinion he might be thinking along the lines of
well if its high theirs a problem you need to solve it and not to work
around it but we do note these things,actually we note nearly
everything,but then you have to thing well right now i'm damaging my body
and we dont want that so to rectify the situation here and now we do a
bolus,we still remember very well that we stilll have a problem to
rectify so ! the following day if it happens againg we change something
for the long run.She is doing great now,she tells me everyday thanks for
all the information and she says thanks to everyone in insulin pumpers
for all the priceless information.Now she says she doesnt know shes
wearing it and even has to remind herself at meals to bolus.We went to
pizza hut last week and for the first time she had more freedom as what
to eat and how much and no needles involved.Thanks a million and have a
great day. Yours Sincerely, Paul & Emily.(508 pumper 1month)


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