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SV: [IPk] Pump results

 Congratulations with your success!
I saw my doctor today as well. My HbA1c is at the time beeing 7.2. Personally
I think it's a little bit to high (think it's best to keep it <7), but it's
not too bad though.

When I started pumping in December last year, my HbA1c was 7.8.  Maybe my
control hasn't improoved much, but it certainly has :-)
All those bad hypos ar a rarity by now. My blood sugar hasn't dropped below
3.5 for months, and that's really nice. The whole thing is more stable -
around 7-8. My doctor thinks I should keep my bs in that range because I run
low very easily if I try to keep it in a lower range.

But: How do you manage to get that low A1cs without a lot of lows? I really
envy you if you do!

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