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[IPn] 8 days and counting

I know on a Friday afternoon, you probably don't want to hear about
making a pledge to Insulin Pumper, but tonight or tomorrow you will go
on-line and expect IP to be there with notes from friends and fellow
forum members. Insulin Pumpers comes to you a few time a year and asks
for your financial support. This is day 8 of the Spring pledge drive
and we still need to raise another $3200 for this quarter.

Some of you have asked if there is not another way to raise money for
Insulin Pumpers. Many ways have been tried, direct mail, contact with
meter and insulin makers, and of course our friends at the pump
companies. With the exception of the pump companies, the other avenues
have so far failed to produce any results. The biggest portion of
support for Insulin Pumpers still comes from the forum members. Of our
~ 3200 members, around 10% have made one and sometimes several
contribution over the last year. With the tremendous interest in
Insulin Pumpers and growth in the membership, it seems that there
really should be a higher percentage of contributors. You can help us
reduce the amount of time and energy spent on fund raising by making a
continuing contribution of a few dollars a month. If enough forum
members become continuing members, the need for pledge drives will
decrease. Another good way to make a significant contribution is to
challenge the other members to make contribution to match your pledge
of $100 or more. If everyone that is a member just pledged just 60
cents a month, way less than $10 a year, there would be no need at all
for our pledge drives.

The biggest reason to make a contribution is simply because you enjoy
the forum and the friendship and support that it brings you. Your
financial support is needed to keep Insulin Pumpers health. We
currently have another CHALLENGE from a New Jersey forum member, again
in the amount of $100.00. If you are financially able and have not yet
made a contribution to Insulin Pumpers, won't you take a few minutes
to mail a check or visit our secure server and make a contribution

To make a matching contribution toward this challenge, or to make a
continuing gift to Insulin Pumpers visit the Insulin Pumpers donation
page at:


For new Challenges, use the Insulin Pumpers challenge gift page at:


or if you would prefer to contribute by mail:

Insulin Pumpers
4600 El Camino Real - suite 206
Los Altos, CA 94022

In the UK,  <=====
for tax deductible donation, use your charity
card and/or contribute to the CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) on
behalf of Insulin Pumpers, CAF charity #002139. See


or call 0800 99 33 11 for details.

Thank you for taking the time the read this note,
My Best Regards,
Michael Robinton
Executive Director
Insulin Pumpers
4600 El Camino Real - Suite 206B
Los Altos, CA 94022
Tel: 650 947-3350
Fax: 650 947-3356
email @ redacted
Insulin Pumpers web site http://www.insulin-pumpers.org