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[IPk] RE Treatment

Hi all,            after reading all mails about the treatment diabietics
get in England i feel so sick and bad.Before i knew anything about
diabieties i still had alot of respect for everyone in general but more
for people with other xtra hardships like diabities.After living and
studing for the past year diabieties i have become fasinated with the
lack of help we all get be it from a complex financial aspect or a lack
of attention.             I firstly cant understand why if these people
are teacher they should love kids,and just like being around them.The
treatment they should get should be first class.If something like this
happened to any of my future kids in ireland or france firstly i'd go to
the school and give them everything they deserve and then if they still
wouldnt give these kids the attention they deserve  i'd probally look
into legal advise and make a show of them,if this happens you need to
make a show of them,so people can see what reily is going on.           
Not letting a kid do PE is depriving the poor kid of enjoyment
,socialising and most of all a chance to better his/her controll.On the
other hand giving a kid glucose when you dont do a glucose test is
insane,what is wrong with these people,do thes people know how much
damage they could be doing,i'm sure there are laws out there for us and
our kids protecting us from people who dont give a sh**.            To
the kids families and diabietics in general it amazes me how hard ye all
fight for things so trival as good healthy treatments . I am a non
diabietic living with the most fantastic diabietic and all diabietics
have my deepest
respect.                                                        Yours
Sincerely                 Paul & Emily (508 pumper for 1 month)


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