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Re: [IPk] Bad treatment by school of new pump user

Hi Jeanette

I have a six year old who has had diabetes for two years.  I am on this list
because I wanted to find out about pumping with a view to Sasha going on a
pump in the future.  I totally sympathise with  what you and your son are
going through regarding the schools attitude to his pumping.

I have had problems with Sasha school and doing blood tests.   She has been
unsettled this year.  It may be something to do with her being in a
different class than her twin sister (non DM).  Anyway nearly everyday she
is complaining of being dizzy (she gets being low and high confused) and the
teacher would just give her biscuits or glucose tablets.  Then she was
coming home with raised bg because she was probably not low, but high.
Anyway this was happening more and more so we were having to go up to check
all the time.  They won't do blood tests, so in the school holidays I have
had to teach her to do her own blood tests.  Sometimes she does them ok
sometimes it's not so good.  The school then said yes it would be OK if she
does it at school in the classroom.  So I spent quite sometime typing out
instructions as too what to do and what to give and when depending on the
BGs.   Put everything in a spare lunch box labelled it up.  Then they
changed their minds and she is to have someone watch her do the test but
they cannot help her and now she can't do in the classroom she has to go to
another building to do it!!   Which means more time out the classroom and
more fuss.   Although we went in to school this week to teach the staff who
are going to check Sasha's meter the teacher is still giving her glucose
tablets etc without asking for a test.  I despair at ever getting things
right.  She moves up to the junior school in Sept.  It is on a different
site and run separately so we have to go all through this again.

I am glad that he has found that the pump gives him a new outlook on DM.
It must have been really frightening for you when your son went missing.   I
hope the school will now take things seriously and will  not treat him
Best wishes to your son and I hope he keeps his positive attitude.

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Subject: [IPk] Bad treatment by school of new pump user

> My son is 12 years old and has been on the pump for 5 weeks now.  He looks
> best he has for years and feels great, he is thoroughly enjoying the
> the pump has given him and the fact he can eat what he wants when he
> He feels, he says like he has found a mini cure.  We are delighted for
him- or
> should be.  There is a downside to this fantastic pump - his school.  They
> have banned him from doing any form of physical activity, despite my
> assurances and those of the DSN.  I have been to the school to see the
Head of
> Year on three occasions and been assured there is not now a problem and
> my son will be allowed to do PE.  Each week for four weeks he has gone
into PE
> changed and been told, not diplomatically, that it is not safe for him to
> PE with a canula in his stomach.
> The consequences of the above has been that my son didnt arrive at school
> Friday and the police had to be called in along with numerous friends and
> security guards searching for him.  WHY?  He has in his words been made to
> feel like a freak and not normal any more and he couldnt stand everyone
> looking at him as if he had something wrong with him.  How badly the
> of a few people can impact another.  The school, hopefully, will begin to
> change their minds now they have been made to realise the consequences of
> their actions and how badly they have handled the whole situation - Lets
> so for the next lucky child who gets to use this wonderful piece of
> and they should enjoy the freedom from injections and strict regime
> imposed on diabetics
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