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[IPk] cgms trial

Oh dear, it's all going horribly wrong on my trial with the CGMS.
I really wanted to know what was happening at night and when I exercise.

The first night I woke up high, which is unusual for me, butpossibly due to
somethign I did the night before.
Yesterday evening I was all set to go to my dance class, when I accidentally
pulled out my infusion set. Stuck in another one and set off for dancing. BG
was fine, tested halfway through, BG still fine. tested again at 10.30pm when i
got home. 22.5! Aggghhhh. Bolused 5 units, waited an hour, Bg 23!
Took 5 units by syringe, went to bed as I was feeling really sick by this time
(and tired). Woke up this am with a BG of 12 - figured I hadn't taken enough
insulin the night before to bring my BG down completely. Bolused some extra.
Got to work, BG 9. Tested again just now BG 17! Grrrrr. Guess my site must be
not absorbing properly. Just stuck in another new set. OK, so this kind of
thing happens occasionally, but I really didn't want it to be happening when I
was trying to see what my BG is doing normally! The one opportunity I have!
It comes out tomorrow, so with any luck I'll get one day and one night of
proper readings.....
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