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Re: [IPk] Re: driving licence

In message <email @ redacted>, Nanette
Chana Freedman <email @ redacted> writes
>I have lived out of the UK too long to understand what is meant by the
>different forms which were referred to in the previous email, but have
>another possibly related question.
>For the first time since diagnosis of diabetes, I am likely to have the
>opportunity to drive in the UK during a visit we plan for July/August. 
>I have a UK drivers' licence (acquired many years ago, long before
>diabetes) which is still valid.  
>Does anyone know what the law is for someone like me?  Can I drive on
>this licence, or would it be illegal and/or invalidate any insurance I
>would have (through a car rental company)in the unfortunate event of
>any insurance claim being necessary?  
Yes, it would be invalid
>Am I obliged to disclose to the
>DVLC that I now have diabetes and use insulin?  
>do I have to get a
>letter from a doctor(or fill out a special form?) to say that I am well
>enough to drive?  
You tell them, and they send you a form.  You fill it in, and then they
make a decision about whether then need to contact your doctor(s) or
not.  The form includes you giving them the details of your GP and
specialist(s). It's a very general form, which doesn't give them much
information to go on - just 'do you have diabetes' (and lots and lots of
other tick boxes for other conditions).

>if I do have to do something like that, could I do it
>in advance, or would it have to be signed by a doctor currently
>resident and practicing in England, or at least by a doctor who
>qualified in England (I know plenty of those here)?
An interesting question: if you informed the DVLC on the day you
arrived, and told the hire company that you'd told the DVLC, you could
well be gone again by the time they'd sent you the form, you'ld sent it
back, they'd written to your doctors, your doctors told them what it was
going to cost the DVLC, and the DVLC had rethink and told you to get a
doctor in the UK.  Whether that is legal, or whether you should have
told the DVLC when you got your diagnosis (even though you were not
driving, based on that licence), I don't know.  The BDA might be able to
give you the legal advice you need. I'd certainly take legal advice on
this (or write now to the DVLC).

Best wishes,

Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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