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[IPk] Interesting BM Results & Basals

Hi Everyone,

     I've been reading with interest about how everyones results fluctuate,
through stress, work, sport etc, firstly I feel that no matter what we do we
are never going to get text book results, and we are all totally different and
leading different life styles so its obviously not going to be the exact same
as "your friend on the pump who's doing really well".
     As I have explained I do print my own charts last Friday I started
getting very high results, I changed the tender more times than needed to no
avail and I felt fine in myself so no illness pending, I must have bolused at
least 200 units from Friday to Sunday and I tried to eat healthy without too
much CHO intake but the lowest BM was 13.8 so I decided I would check out my
basel rates by fasting from midnight Sunday night, when got up Monday I was
17.8 so I bolused and within 2 hours I was down to 7.7 I went all day
yesterday without CHO I just ate chicken salad, the levels were brilliant no
lower than 6.5 no higher than 8.7 (brilliant for me).
     I had tea at 5pm weighed all the CHO 130grams and bolused 14 units by 7pm
I was 7.2 not bad eh!, so I know my basels must be correct, and because I
weighed my food I must be pretty spot on for 1 unit to 10 grams of CHO, so it
dosn't explained the untimely highs of the weekend, Elizabeth mentioned
similar experiences, and stress is often mentioned, I suffer very servere
depression and this can completly alter all my control liturally within hours
so maybe this was the cause for the weekend problems as I was extremly low, in
the group therapy I attend we often discuss how state of mind can affect
depression and we also have agreed for myself its a very difficult  task to
balance the diabetic control and the state of mind together, eg, If i'm very
low the diabetes becomes impossible to tackle and that makes me feel worse so
its a bit of a circle.
     I've also noticed that some mornings my levels are fine and others
hitting around 15+, because I was particually low yesterday i new I wasn't
gone to be able to sleep so I decided to monitor my levels through the night
the nearest activity to sleeping was laying watching telly as I said I was 7.2
at 5pm and I had a bag of crisps at 9pm but didn't bolus anything, the results
wer as follows:-
8pm     8.2
9pm     10.2
11pm     10.5
12am     11.2
1am     13.0
2am     14.5
3am     13.1
4am     11.1
5am     9.0
6am     7.7
7am     6.7
     I feel the results do reflect that my control is probably as good as it
gets for me because if I change the basel rates from 4-7 am when the body most
needs i could hypo on this, it was probably the crisps that made me peak
between 12 & 3am, where I have had a lot of trouble in the past with my levels
my Consultant is happy to let my sugars run between 6-10 thats of course if i
can manage these figures.
     I hope maybe it just shows that if I sit in front of the telly eat salads
or weigh every CHO that I eat etc, of course I'll get text book results, I do
try as hard as I can but I think we must all admit its very hard and everyone
is going to be different even on the pump, I think if we could all run levels
at say 5 constantly every diabetic would be on the pump and there would be a
lot less hospital patients nice thought isn't it ?

Best Regards

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