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Re: [IPk] Re: driving licence

Nanette -

Unless you are taking up permanent residence in the UK, I don't think DVLC
(the driving licence office) will be able to help you. But it's probably
worth ringing them and asking. The numbers I have are +44 (0)1792 772134,
and +44 (0)1792 772151 for licence enquiries. They also have a special
medical section that you might ask to speak to. I suspect your existing UK
licence is invalid since a) you take insulin and haven't told them and b)
you are not a UK resident - even though you may be a British national (?)

My best guess is that you should get an international licence, and drive
with that.

My knowledge is based on my experiences last year when I found that my UK
licence - which must be renewed every 3 years if you have diabetes - was
about to expire (6 months to go) and I had recently become officially
resident in Germany. DVLC told me I was no longer entitled to a UK licence,
and would have to apply for a German one. For a moment I feared I might
have to do a German driving test (which costs a small fortune) but in fact
that is not the case. The other differences in Germany are that you don't
need a doctor's letter - you just ask your doctor. And the licence has no
time limit - again, its your responsibility to give up your licence if you
become unfit to drive.


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