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[IPk] GlucoWatch

Does anyone know anything about the release of the new GlucoWatch
Biographer in the UK?


Website suggests it's currently on limited release, whilst they prepare the
ground. Anyone know what clinics have access to it?

Essentially it is a wrist watch with a sticky sensor on the back. You wear
it for 12 hours, and it silently takes a reading every 20 minutes. If you
wear it overnight, the following morning you can look back over that
night's readings.

Seems this would be perfect for checking the overnight basal... It would
easily spot any sudden drops or rises, and since you are now in possession
of the necessary info you can tweak your basals accordingly. The MiniMed
continuous glucose monitor is ok, but you've got this bloody great dangling
piece of equipment in your pocket, and a sensor stuck into your skin, and
only clinics can use them. Whereas the GlucoWatch appears to be something
you can buy yourself, and use whenever you want to. Unless I am mistaken...

GlucoWatch UK helpline: 0800 028 5256


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