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[IPk] Re: Thanks

Hi Rhoda,
Thanks for your email - it was nice to hear from you.
When I was at the diabetic clinic to see the Consultant approx 3 weeks ago, 
I presented him with my concerns along with a diary showing my BG's which I 
took twice daily over a period of 8 weeks.  I also wrote down exactly what I 
would eat in a typical day.  He advised me to change the times that I took 
my BGs and I presented him with this 14 days later via the Diabetic nurse 
and from this he decided just to change the mixture of insulin that I was 

A typical day diet wise would be:-

Breakfast:-  1 mug of tea with a touch of semi-skimmed milk added.
             2 slice of brown bread with banana.

Mid morning:-  either 2/3 Rich Tea biscuits (low fat variety only)
               sometimes a fat free yogurt
               Glass of Soda Water

Lunch:-        Bowl of Lentil Soup + 2 slice of brown bread
               Sliced peaches in natural juice
               Glass of Soda Water

afternoon snack:  2 Rich Tea Biscuits (low fat)and/or low fat yogurt
                  Glass of Soda water

Dinner:-       Chicken breast with basmati rice (small portion of rice)
               try to have some kind of veg but find this difficult
               if I did not have yogurt at the afternoon snack, I have
               it after my dinner.
               Glass of Soda Water

Supper:-       4 crackers with low fat cheese spread
               mug of tea with semi skimmed milk

The medication that I have to take daily is:-

a)  Half Inderal (Propranalol) for High blood pressure and irregular
    heart beat.

b)  Losec 20 mg daily for IBS

c)  Merbentyl tablets for IBS

d)  Solpodol Effervescent for pain relief (usually 6 daily)

e)  Provera 30 mg for Mennorhagia (I have read that this drug can
    aggravate Diabetes but I don't really have a choice as it is either
    upset the Diabetes or haemorrage for up to 6 months at a time which
    usually ends up me being hospitalised)!

f)  Trimethoprim (antibiotic to treat leaky kidney when infected)

g)  Sominex - Sleeping tablet

The Sister at the hospital called me today and she agreed that the new 
mixture was not doing much for me and she mentioned that she was thinking of 
possibly adding Metformin to go along with my insulin but as I pointed out, 
I have already been on this medication which made me extremely unwell so she 
is leaving things for another week and will phone me again.  If there is no 
change, I am going to ask her the reason that the Consultant decided against 
an MDI regime as I was given no explanation as to how he reached this 
decision.  I do have a strong feeling that because I have intracranial 
hypertension, this is possibly preventing them from trying other regimes. I 
know this has been a problem in the past with other health problem issues, 
because of the seriousness of the disease - I was also told that I would 
only ever be given a general anaesthetic if it was a matter of life and 
death as intracranial hypertension can cause serious complications.  I will 
clarify this with her next week when she calls.  I think this fits in with 
what you said about patients with other complex medical conditions.  I think 
the doctors would rather have minimal intervention in order to avoid causing 
problems/complications with the existing health issues.

I have ordered two books,The GI Factor and Protein Power (I think those are 
the correct titles) from my library in order to gain a better understanding 
of Diabetes.

I would be a liar if I said that I don't get stressed out at times but I 
usually only allow myself about one day in a month to have an "Amanda is 
Stressed Out Day".  Life is too short! When I feel I am leading up to one of 
"those" days, I tend to try and keep myself busy by putting some music on 
and doing something that I enjoy - even if it is just to call a friend for a 
chat or do some craft work or maybe clean out a cupboard - it really needs 
to be a really bad day to do the latter.  My favourite motto is:- Laugh and 
the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone".

Take care and thanks for your support!

>From Amanda

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