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Re: [IPk] Thanks


have you thought of doing a written presentation to your "uncaring" GP and DM 
team.  Sometimes writing down - briefly and with references (if possible) what 
is happening, what you are doing, and research which shows the improvement 
of bg control with MDI and not mixtard or whatever combo you're on, can 
sometimes clarify issues for busy docs.

Also sometimes patients like us who have complex medical conditions/symptoms 
can leave docs feeling useless and frustrated at being unable to come up with 
a solution and sometimes they "tune us out".... This is often done unconsciously 
but just docs, like the rest of us, often don't deal well with being unable to 
"successfully" treat patients and prefer to spend more time on those they can 
see results from.... 

If we, as patients, can help present the complexities in a more clear manner 
and point out the efforts made by them and us and with what result and your 
reasoning why another course of action might well produce a better outcome, I 
and others have found this helpful.   

Be clear in your own mind what you want to achieve - MDI - from what you are 
saying...?  Fine then marshall your arguments for that.

Do you have software to analyse your bg readings?  This too can be useful.  As 
graphs are a graphic representation of your experience.... Also if you keep a 
food diary?  Exercise?  Do a simple presentation of this relating them to your 
bg results...  This MAY help produce the outcome you're looking for.

Some results have shown that even those with impaired kidney function, can eat 
protein with no dire results.  Worth doing a medline search on this or on the 
low-carb route... 

Can you remind us what is a typical day's way of eating for you... and 
exercise... also any drugs you take... and supplements.  All of this can have an 
effect on your bgs as of course does stress!  And if you haven't got stress with 
all that you're dealing with, can you please tell me your secret? :-)

BTW don't apologise for repeating your story.  Go for it... We're here to help 
each other and learn and support and hopefully have a healthier time in the 

All the best

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