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[IPk] Thanks

Hi Rhoda, Pat & Sharon,

Thanks for the welcome.  I find it a great comfort being able to chat with 
others that can relate to what feelings and emotions we go through as 

At the moment, I am feeling that I really don't know where to go from here.  
Quite clearly my insulin regime is not working for me and it makes more 
sense to me to be put on to an MDI regime.  However, I discussed this with 
my diabetic care team and they decided against this suggestion and their 
answer was to put me on a different mixture and they changed my mixture from 
80/20 to 70/30 which is not showing any signs of bringing down my blood 
sugars.  My fasting Bg is around 8.5 and my bedtime Bg is around 15.  My 
HbA1c last November (prior to starting insulin) was 8.8 and my recent test 3 
weeks ago had raised to 9.2

I do believe that because I suffer from other health problems, this is 
hampering any chance of my blood sugars lowering.  I suffer from IBS and 
because of this, I cannot eat any fruit, veg, cereals, pulses etc as these 
trigger off severe stomach cramps and then what follows after the cramps.  I 
cannot eat any foods with protein in them because one of my kidney leaks 2+ 
of protein daily. I am allergic to certain dairy products and this means 
that I am very restricted to what I can have in my diet.  I also have High 
BP and Intracranial hypertension along with a liver that is not functioning 
too well.

Unfortunately I don't have a caring GP and there is not a lot I can do about 
that as there is no other practice in my area. I tend to just put in repeat 
prescriptions and avoid going there for as long as possible.

I must admit there have been many times where I have felt like throwing in 
the towel but those insane moments don't last too long thankfully.  I 
honestly believe that because of my other health complications, an insulin 
pump would be of great help to me but somehow I don't think my "uncaring" GP 
would even consider funding one for me. Who knows!!

Sorry this has been quite a long posting, I promise the next one won't be as 

Regards to all,
>From Amanda

Ps.  Rhoda I am sorry you are hearing this for a second time!

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