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Re: [IPk] Re: Diabetes Experts Know The Best Kept Secret inMedicine

Hi Jenny -

Sorry if you think I was doing a disservice to anyone. There was a paper
published in the British Medical Journal in July 1999 -
http://www.bmj.com/cgi/content/short/319/7202/83 - indicating that in a
survey in Tayside, Scotland, only 1 in 5  patients with type 1 diabetes
were using enough test strips to test their bg *once per day*. So 4 out of
5 patients were not even testing their bg once a day, and many never tested
at all.

The paper didn't discuss the reasons why, but the data was fairly accurate
- they didn't ask the patient how often they tested, but instead examined
the centralised prescription records for the whole region.

Reassuringly, they found a direct relationship between the number of test
strips obtained and the quality glycaemic control. But they also found that
increasing age and social deprivation were associated with reduced
frequency of testing.

Clearly everyone is different, and we all bring our own baggage with us as
we wrestle with diabetes control, and we all have our own reasons for doing
things in our own individual ways. But if you are worrying about paying the
rent and feeding the family today, you may be less inclined to be worrying
about possible complications - maybe, perhaps - in 20 years time.

>I cannot help adding to this that some of the people who seem to have
>difficulty with control and are contemplating the pump are actually
>demonstrating to me that the insulins they are using are too short in
>duration and too aggressive, hence the erratic blood glucose results.The
>pump is not the only answer to this problem!

I challenge you to find someone on daily injections who has no severe
hypos, has an HbA1c in the normal non-diabetic range, and enjoys almost
complete freedom to eat whatever they want whenever they want... This
pretty much describes me, except I am on a pump.


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