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[IPk] Re: Diabetes Experts Know The Best Kept Secret in Medicine

I am not surprised that 50% of the doctors and nurses with diabetes use
pump therapy, the ones I know also do an awful lot more blood tests than
your avarage person with diabetes whatever therapy they are using. But I do
take some exception to John's comment that 'many patients simply do not
care: do not have the time to be fussing about with blood tests etc.' I
think this does a grave disservice to people with diabetes. It fails to
recognise that most people are prescribed their insulin type and dose by
their phyisicians and are given little or no choice and that not everyone
is assertive enough to insist on receiving the choice of therapy to which
they are entitled. This is especially true for people using premixed
insulins - described in Northampton as 'lazy man's insulin'. But the
laziness applies to the professionals as much, if not more, than to the
patients - less time spent on patient education, less time apent on showing
how to mix insulins etc etc.Fortunately for the US their endocrinologists
said from the outset that there was little use for pre-mixed insulins but
the UK endocrinologists greeted it with open arms!
It also has to be remembered that not everyone has the ability to
understand what seems, and is, a very complex condition, diabetes. Equally
not everyone comes to terms with diabetes and while they may appear to not
care, it can be that they cannot face the realities of what it means both
now and in the future.
I think it is wrong to generalise about people - it assumes that we are all
the same, that we have the same intelligence and abilities to deal with
difficulties. Not true! Yes, people have to live with the consequences of
the way they deal with their diabetes but don't forget that they are
victims of their circumstances and also the good, bad and indifferent
treatment many of them receive - if you think I am making excuses for them,
then just take a look at the Audit Commission Report on diabetes treatment!
I cannot help adding to this that some of the people who seem to have
difficulty with control and are contemplating the pump are actually
demonstrating to me that the insulins they are using are too short in
duration and too aggressive, hence the erratic blood glucose results.The
pump is not the only answer to this problem!
Jenny Hirst

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