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[IPk] clinic visit today and fight for funding

I had an appointment this morning at the diabetes clinic here in Sheffield.
I was planning to continue going to the centre in Manchester, but my GP
referred me here when I asked about funding of pump supplies. It was, for
me, an opportunity to see whether I was satisfied with the clinic here and
whether it would be worth my while to transfer my care here. The clinic
here just thought I was transferring here, but I haven't made that decision
Anyway, I was actually very impressed. I was in and out of the whole place
in 45 mins, which included a full checkup, blood tests, etc. The consultant
I saw was very impressive. She admitted she didn't know much about pumps,
and that they had a few patients on pumps, but mostly ones who'd already
been on pumps when they arrived. She was initially subious baou tme getting
funding, since apparently they used to have funding here for pumps, but
it was withdrawn a year ago. However, once I explained the situation, and
she saw how much improved my control was, and the risk of my complications
etc., she said she would write and ask, and that she thought I had a very
strong case for getting funding. Hopefully this will be not only for the
pump supplies, but also for a newer model (with an audible bolus which I
currently don't have). 
I should know the answer at my next visit in 3 months' time, and if it's
favourable, I will probably move to this clinic permanently (reluctant as I
am to leave my superdoc in Manchester) since it is a lot more convenient.
The only thing I didn't like was the fact that it's part of a hospital
setup, rather being a separate diabetes centre, as I'm used to. Dealing
with hospital bureaucracy etc. is always much more of a hassle.

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