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[IPk] first enquiries about a pump

Hi All
I haven't mailed for a while but have been following messages with interest
and trying to learn about the ins and outs of pumping. I went to the Reading
Input open day on Sunday and am now thoroughly convinced that a pump would
be very beneficial for me - I have a strong dawn rise, a lot of hypos
(creating difficulty getting my driving licence renewed at the moment) and I
already do loads of blood tests every day because my sugars swing so
erratically. So I contacted my diabetic centre and have been given a
complete fobbing off - the consultant doesn't like pumps - he says the risks
of DKA are high (not if you do the recommended testing I said), the canulas
can come out (unlikely? and if you test you would soon pick it up) and of
course they have no expertise and no money and what if everyone asked for a
pump? - well it wouldn't be them that had to pay - my GP is the Primary Care
Group money holder. So I'm going to talk to my GP - first appointment 5th
June! to see if I can be referred outside this area - probably London would
be the best bet or to see whether my GP and practice nurse would like to be
trained in pump use.
Well it's all pretty much as I was expecting but I just wanted to get that
rant off my chest!
The nurse at the diabetic centre said she had had a lot of calls following
the Input day so if anyone else is left in a similar position perhaps you
could let me know to put on some joint pressure?
Rosie Scott Type 1 12 years 3+x humalog 1x insulatard

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