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Re: [IPk] Fw: Diabetes Experts Know The Best Kept Secret inMedicine

>> The survey published in Diabetes Educator (May/June 2000), titled, "How
>> Diabetes Specialists Treat Their Own Diabetes: Findings From a Study of the
>> AADE and ADA Membership," was conducted by an independent research
>> organization to study how diabetes specialists, who have diabetes, manage
>> their own care. More than 50 percent of the doctors and nurses with
>> diabetes reported using insulin pumps rather than traditional syringe
>> therapy.

>> Intensive management is defined as three or more shots per day or use of an
>> insulin pump. In the general population less than 25 percent of people with
>> Type 1 diabetes practice intensive therapy.

Certainly interesting...

But do remember that in diabetes, we administer 99.9% of our own treatment,
so doctors have to find treatment regimens that suits each individual
patient. And rightly on wrongly, many patients simply do not care: they
don't have the time or the inclination to be fussing around with daily
blood tests, and counting the carbs in what they eat. 2 injections a day of
premixed insulin is all they will accept. And they live with the

But doctors and nurses are already in the group of people who can benefit
most from intensive therapy: MDI or pumps. Despite what we may sometimes
think, compared with the general population, they are intelligent and
proficient, and prepared to make the effort to maximise their longterm good

I have a friend in London who is a doctor (GP actually) and has diabetes
himself. He tried a pump in the early 1980's, and didn't like it.
Admittedly, I think his main dislike was with the old metal bent needles -
but he is happy with the control he gets with his daily injections of pork

Each to his own :-)


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