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Re: [IPk] slowly but surely losing weight

On Tue, 23 May 2000, you wrote:
>And it's not supposed to happen!  The pump books say that a side effect of
>going on a pump can be _gaining_ weight as BGs normalise and all those
>extra calories aren't dumped through the urine.  But I am slowly but surely
>dropping wieght.  I weighed 10 1/2 stone in the clinic the other day, and I
>weighed 10 stone 10 on the scale last night, after tea, wearing my hoodie.

Um,. Elizabeth, that's an increase :-)
I assume there was a typo somewhere.

Is there some reason why you don't want to eat cheese?
If you're going to substitute cream for cheese, then what's the benefit?

Maybe I should give up cheese too :-)

Maybe you are also having less hypos? And you are using less insulin. Both
of those could be contributing to the weight loss.
P.S. I have some spare. I'll gladly donate it.

 >My own theory is that
it's because I've stopped eating cheese.  I used to >eat about 5 ounces of
cheese a day - it's a lot of fat!  I think I'm >fishing for suggestions for
weight gain that don't involve lot of bread, >rice, or pasta, eating loads
of cheese again, or ice cream.  Perhaps I >should have some cream every
day?  I could have that with fruit.  I don't >really want to go back to
five or six ryvita with slabs of spread on them, >but I think I might have

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