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[IPk] RE: Diabetes Dorf Althausen

Hello John!

I've done 2 "courses" in Germany. I suspect both of these places are a fair 
distance from where you live, John, but I would certainly recommend the 
Hamburg Bethanian Krankenhaus if you don't mind travelling that far. The 
Althausen course looks really very thorough, I've not heard of it before.

I feel sometimes a bit guilty about saying too much about the German health 
system in this group, because the situation (pump acceptance, availability 
of funding) is so very different to the NHS. Makes me sometimes wonder 
(seeing as the UK is part of the EU) whether any Britain has ever moved to 
Germany just to get a pump and the training. Was it part of the reason for 
you moving to Germany, John?

3 yrs ago I did the "Intensive Therapy" (pen) course in Hamburg, in 
Bethanien Krankenhaus, led by prof. Dreyer. see 
http://www.hkgev.de/kh/detail/frei/bethanie.htm I got put on 2 pens, with 
Humalog and ummm something else, plus a Zinc-solution insulin overnight 
because I had signs of the dawn effect.

They have a separate ward, really a separate building, which is more or less 
owned by the diabetes training people, and they do courses ranging from 
beginners, children, pens and pumps, and the diabetic "nurses" (the people i 
believe who usually have best experience of diabetic treatment) are really 
in charge. I did the 2 week course with about 10 others in a friendly 
relaxed environment and learnt as much from the other people as from the 
course, which included alot of theory about diabetes treatment as well as 
practical stuff like we all went out for a meal in an Indian restaurant (one 
of our party owned an Indian restaurant and helped us out with some of the 
CH counting).

This course made me realise how little attention I'd been paying to my 
diabetes and it suddenly clicked with me that I should and could take far 
more responsibility for the diabetes than I had been doing.

Then 4 months ago I did a "pump" course in Krankenhaus Inneren Medizin in 
Jena (previously part of East Germany) led by Dr Müller, see 
http://www.uni-jena.de/med/kim4/Uebersicht.htm . I did a 10-day course with 
3 others in the "normal" hospital ward, and we more or less went through a 
book about pump treatment called "Es piept bei Dir" which comes from the 
Dresden hospital treatment plan. As the department is not as big as the 
Hamburg one, and perhaps because lots of the new East German hospitals are 
still being reorganised and under resourced I did not find it as good as 
hamburg, but the level of experience that the diabetic specialists had as 
good enough and I feel very happy with the pump. I had to fight a bit with 
the consultant to get exactly what I wanted in the end (a HTRON V+100 with 
humalog, he wanted me to have a U40 pump with the equivalent of Aktrapid), 
but I am very happy with the results.


> >From: John Neale <email @ redacted>
> >To: email @ redacted
> >Subject: Diabetes Dorf Althausen
> >Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 19:27:59 +0200
> >
> >Trev -
> >
> >Hi. When you joined ip-uk a while back, you said you were on a pump
> >training course. Was this the one at Althausen, run by Dr Teupe?
> >
> >I'm thinking of going there myself, and I'm interested to know what you
> >know about this "Diabetes Dorf" place. I've read the stuff at
> >http://www.diabeticus.de/infos/teupe/ which was quite interesting.
> >
> >Any comments or suggestions?
> >
> >Thanks :-)
> >
> >John

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