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Re: [IPk] A pump a pump....

In message <l03130301b54cc573081e@[]>, John Neale
<email @ redacted> writes
>>I get my pump in July
>>after five years of fighting. May your fight be shorter!
>Pat - Is this new news? If so, congratulations!!! :-)
I can't remember if I posted or not when, in January, I got the news!

January was a busy month - I was writing three grant applications, the
largest for a 3/4 million project, so wasn't doing much apart from sleep
when I wasn't working.

I went to the IMPUT open day on Sunday, at very short notice - I was
doing a practical bricklaying course, and had been exhausted by 5pm
Saturday, and demanded a bath, a burger and a glass of wine (in that
order) and then went to bed.  But on Sunday, I was feeling much better,
and so amazed the rest of the 'lads' by putting on a frock and putting a
brush through my hair at 5pm, and drove up to Reading.

I have some questions which occurred to me afterwards ...

How would the minimed 508c stand up to being showered on (not soap-on-a-
rope shower, the shower that, although the morning says 'it'll be fine
all day', starts a minute before the 500yards dash from a car-park).
How about a real downpour?

Does anyone use the data download from the minimed pump?  Does it work
with their meter's data download? (Which meter?) Nice graphs?

Comparing the two systems of changing basal rates (minimeds do it
different, disetronics cut/increase by percentage) - do people actually
use these?  The minimed seems to offer a more accurate match to need -
but is this at a cost of over-fiddly programming?  Is the cost worth the
benefit?  I do seem to have different basal levels on different days,
and can often predict these.  

As a comparison test, could people tell me what the sequence would be if
I wanted, to permanently change my basal rates, from, say 0.5 from 2am
to 7am, and 0.4 from 7am to 10am to ...
0.5 from 2am to 4am, 0.6 from 4am to 8am, and 0.4 from 7am to 10am.
And what if I wanted to do it just for tomorrow night?

Thanks for all the information and help, and best wishes to all,

Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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