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Re: [IPk] A pump a pump....

Dear Carmel,

It seems to me that you may be coming to the end of the road with your
consultant.  The current BDA advice is: if you get no joy from your
consultant, go to your GP and ask for a second opinion from a clinic
which has proven experience of pump use.  Of course, there is a risk
that even a doctor who has loads of successful pump users on his or her
books will turn you down (there are a few good reasons for not
recommending pump therapy).
The drug you mention may be rezulin.  This was withdrawn from use in the
UK, and shortly afterwards in the US because it was associated with (not
necessarily caused, just associated with) some deaths from liver
failure.  It was withdrawn in the UK, so it may be something different.

What rezulin does (and why it would be helpful, if it were safe, for
some diabetics of both types) is to make the body more sensitive to

As you are aware, using a pump also can reduce insulin doses (does your
consultant know this?), but reducing insulin doses is a debated subject
(some doctors say it brings health benefits, others say it doesn't),
whereas the other pump benefits (reduced hypos and/or reduced overall bg
levels) are universally acknowledged to have health benefits.  So unless
you are hypo-free with normal range bg levels, why's he or she primarily
concerned about the amount of insulin you take?  

I'm sorry you feel isolated.  While you are isolated, you are not alone.
There are hundreds of other diabetics in the country in the same
position as you.  And thousands more who wonder why they can't get
multiple daily injections right (or worse still, are on two injections a
day, and desperate to get their lives back).  I get my pump in July
after five years of fighting. May your fight be shorter!

Best wishes,


In message <email @ redacted>, Carmel Matthews
<email @ redacted> writes
>When I read your correspondance I feel so isolated. I went to see the 
>consultant on thursday armed with more information and arguments for the 
>pump,.but I almost feel that because I have researched the subject so much 
>that he still finds every reason not to let me have one. His latest argument 
>is that he thinks that because I am insulin resistant that I must try a new 
>drug that is not even marketed here but is a reformulated drug that not so 
>long ago was killing people in America and withdrawn. How can drugs work on 
>somebody who has had type 1 DM for 40 years since early childhood? has 
>anyone heard of this?
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Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
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