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Re: [IPk] A pump a pump....

Carmel - A lot of people here have been down the same road as you. Doctors
keep saying no, no, no, no, no until someone somewhere finally says yes!

With all respect to your doctor, it is quite possible that you know far
more about pump therapy than he does - so you may have to play some careful
psychological games. Let him think he knows more than you do, to keep him
on your side. But be persistent.

In a recent statement on pump therapy (
http://www.insulin-pumpers.org.uk/screen4_3.html ) the BDA said:

>If people with diabetes wish to consider pump therapy they should
>initially discuss this with their health professional. It is important to
>bear in mind that their own diabetes team may not be familiar or confident
>in commencing pump therapy, and may need to seek advice. If you feel you
>meet the suitability criteria and wish to consider pump therapy, but your
>health professional is unsure, the BDA recommends that in the first
>instance you discuss this issue with your GP. In some instances it may be
>appropriate to see if your GP can arrange for a second opinion to be
>We are aware that a major concern for health care professionals is the
>lack of experience of pump use in the UK. To overcome this problem, the
>BDA would like to see the establishment of a network of health
>professionals with experience in pump use, who could advise colleagues
>less experienced in pump therapy

The implication here is that the second opinion should be from a consultant
who has experience of starting people on pump therapy. If you ring John
Davis who runs INPUT (tel 01425 629773) he will give you the name of your
nearest diabetes clinic with pump experience.

Good luck Carmel! And be persistent.


>When I read your correspondance I feel so isolated. I went to see the
>consultant on thursday armed with more information and arguments for the
>pump,.but I almost feel that because I have researched the subject so much
>that he still finds every reason not to let me have one. His latest argument
>is that he thinks that because I am insulin resistant that I must try a new
>drug that is not even marketed here but is a reformulated drug that not so
>long ago was killing people in America and withdrawn. How can drugs work on
>somebody who has had type 1 DM for 40 years since early childhood? has
>anyone heard of this?

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