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Re: [IPk] A pump a pump....

At 20-05-00 09:31 +0000, you wrote:
>When I read your correspondance I feel so isolated. I went to see the 
>consultant on thursday armed with more information and arguments for the 
>pump,.but I almost feel that because I have researched the subject so much 
>that he still finds every reason not to let me have one. His latest 
>argument is that he thinks that because I am insulin resistant that I must 
>try a new drug that is not even marketed here but is a reformulated drug 
>that not so long ago was killing people in America and withdrawn. How can 
>drugs work on somebody who has had type 1 DM for 40 years since early 
>childhood? has anyone heard of this?

If your doctor is using insulin resistance as a reason not to put you on 
the pump, tell him (don't suggest) that he talks to Prof. Harry Keen. In 
the early 80s when pumps were still relatively new there were two patients 
at Guys (both female) who suffered extreme insulin resistance. The only 
method of control that worked for them was the pump. Their case was so 
extreme that special insulin, at a strength of 1000u/ml was produced and 
used in their pumps (diluted to some extent with saline, to produce the 
correct basal rate).
When I met them they had been using the pump for at least a few months and 
both said they had never been (or  felt) so well and active before, in 
their lives. I assume you are not as resistant as they were (they were 
extreme cases) but if the pump could solve all their problems (in the early 
days of the pump), without new, additional drugs your doctor should consult 
Harry Keen/John Pickup or others with experience, before telling you to try 
new drugs.
Furthermore if these drugs are new they will priced so that they will cost 
more than a pump.
Ask him to consider his budget.
Although he would seem to be an idiot, telling him so would have to be a 
last resort.
Yours Jeremy.

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