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[IPk] Transplants and pumps

Hi everyone ,
I am slightly disturbed by the latest news on these transplants.As a nurse I have worked with patients who have had liver surgery and liver transplants. While a lot of people recover normally the liver is a highly vascular organ and some people can bleed a lot.
The other thing that bothers me is the infection risk to such  major organ of the body.I agree with John (i think ) who said that we don't know the effects that injecting these cells into the liver could cause.
It took me a long time to accept that I am a diabetic and that it will affect my whole life and the lives of my partner and any children  we may have .I don't like having to try and explain to my nephews and nieces why i need injections or the pump to survive and I hate when I get a bad hypo/ hyper and have to explain to people why I suddenly look and feel so horrible.
But since I've had the pump my life and control has improved so much I don't feel the need to risk my present quality of life on the chance that this may or may not work. I also know  I really don't want to take the risk of cancer with anti-rejection drugs .
 "Diabetes Mellitus is a very severe disease and most diabetics
would jump at the chance to have a normal diet, avoid a regime where they
need several injections a day, and constant monitoring of blood sugar

I feel the article in the Daily Mail misses something I have a normal diet , I don't have MDI and  I can live with the stabs for my blood sugar levels. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week, I've started Karate lessons, I'm a nurse doing shifts, I go out clubbing , I eat what I want when I want the only thing stopping me is my desire not to put on weight ( wedding dress to fit in to ) surely that fits the criteria of what every diabetic would jump at the chance to HAVE ????
I told my partner when I frist met him that I expected my lifespan to be to about 50-60 yrs old because my diabetes was difficult to control, however after getting the pump I have revised that. I will now continue to live as long or as short as anyone else on this planet and I can now enjoy it .By the way the pump part of the trial at Harrogate ends in July for me that means that I face 6 months of MDI before I can get the pump back and W I LL have a pump !
Sorry for being so long winded .