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Re: [IPk] islets transplants - non pump message

>When do you think this technique will be widely available ?

15 years, Martin. That's my guess ;-)

If I'm still on a pump on Tuesday 19 May 2015, I'll buy everyone on this
list today a drink :-) Shall we say 7pm in the Baron of Beef, Cambridge
(opposite St John's College)?

In 1984 I was asked if I was interested in being in a trial of a new device
called an insulin pump that would revolutionise diabetes control. I said
yes, but ultimately was not selected. 15 years later pumps were still being
regarded as an experimental treatment method - although the tide now seems
to be turning.

I know the liver is a robust organ, but I'd love to know what the longterm
effects are of producing insulin in the liver. If it is so effective, why
doesn't the non-diabetic body produce it there as well?

And the longterm effects of anti-rejection drugs are not nice either - it
may only be constant diarrhoea, or it may be cancer, since the body no
longer destroys cancerous cells...

There's a bit more about Rapamune at
http://www.fda.gov/bbs/topics/ANSWERS/ANS00974.html, and
http://www.rapamune.com is still "under construction" - probably pending
further regulatory approval.

Hang on to your MiniMed and Disetonic shares though. Pump and infusion set
technology have enormous uses beyond diabetes.


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