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Re: [IPk] post-exercise spikes

>In response to your suggestion above I can only offer you my own 
>experience. Having only ever used Actrapid in my pump. During the 80s and 
>early 90s my main form of exercise was long distance walking in Lake 
>District, Scotland etc. I never had any problems after the walking, but I 
>note that I did not reduce the basal rate either (that was impossible for 
>less than a whole day with earlier pumps). The only variation from the norm 
>was that I ate an occasional dextrose from time to time.
>If you do try Actrapid and it does not work I would be interested as it 
>would just further prove that every (person) diabetic has different 
>requirements, which many consultants do not realise.

Hi Jeremy
Ooh, I can tell you that now! There is no way I would be able to survive
any kind of  long-distance walking with just a few odd glucose tabs and my
normal basal, even with Actrapid.
For normal walking, maybe, but not for hill-walking.
But, I have a feeling that Actrapid in the pump might be better suited to
this kind of activity than Humalog. 
However, fingers crossed, I appear to have found the solution for Humalog.


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