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Re: morning BGs was Re: [IPk] post-meal BGs

>I don't know which I dread more:  hypos during the night or those mornings
>when I wake up and something has gone wrong, and my BG is no where near
>where it should be.  it's frustrating, and it means I have to figure out
>what did go wrong, and it leaves me with a miserable head.  Actually, hypos
>during the night (the ones I wake up for) do the same thing.

To a large extent, I don't worry about it. If it happens, I correct and get
on with things. It's often later that possible reasons occur to me, such as
the nightmare theory, or I remember that my set is 3 days old, or I did a
load of exercise the day before. And I try not to worry about it before it
happens, or I'd never get any sleep. Maybe I'm just an optimist at heart.
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