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Re: [IPk] And this from the Guardian -Islet Transplants

>The current
>anti-rejection drugs appear to offer patients who've received kidney and
>pancreas transplants little improvement in quality of life over life with
>DM (aside from the kidney problems, that is).

I've read a lot about double kidney/pancreas transplants in the JDF
magazine Countdown ( selection of articles at http://www.jdf.org/countdown
). If you suffer total kidney failure, and require a kidney transplant,
you'll need to be on anti-rejection drugs come-what-may. So many centres in
the US now offer a pancreas transplant as well at the same time -
effectively curing you of diabetes. The operation is now becoming routine.
The side effects of the drugs are not trivial (high risk of cancer etc) but
the side effects of diabetes are not trivial either. Often the other
diabetes complications clear up once you are getting your insulin by the
normal route - and the anti-rejection drugs can stop the body attacking the
new beta cells.


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