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Re: [IPk] post-meal BGs

well, you know me and my carb counting, Di.  My target BG is 5.5 mmol, and
if I'm not there or close, I adjust for it.  Allowing, of course, for
unused insulin.

I'm still sorting out my basal profiles, but it seems that I should always
be able to wake with a BG between 4 and 6.  That's pretty amazing!  The few
months before the pump, my morning BGs were becoming more unpredicatable
because my background insulin need seemed to change differently every month
(perhaps it still is).  Good morning BGs make a big difference to me.  It's
the difference between being able to wake up and get up and feel okay about
it, and lying there saying 'I have to get up.  I have to get up.'

Once upon a time I got upset at anything over 8 mmol.  Then it was anything
over 10 mmol.  Now I can go back to the under 8 mmol target for most of the
time (except visitors and restaurants, diabetes meets,
I-don't-care-I'm-eating-that-entire-Galaxy - you know, special events!)
It's lifted a great psychological weight.


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