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[IPk] post-meal BGs

Before going on the pump, I would never have expected to get my post-meal
BGs (2-3 hours) between 4 and 7. I was happy if they were under 10. in
fact, I was happy if *anything* was under 10.  With the
pump, I routinely expect to keep them under 7, and correct if they aren't,
unless I'm about to exercise or something. I was just wondering if other
people do this, or if people are generally happy as long as they're under
10? Basically, I have the same expectation of my post-meal BG as my
pre-meal BG. With a familiar food, my post-meal Bg will usually not vary by
more than about 0.5 mmol/l., though of course, sometimes it goes
spectacularly wrong......Strangely, it's usually either spot on or on
another planet. No middle ground for me.

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