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[IPk] hating injections

Hi Sara -

One of the really pleasant things about a pump is no injections.  Well,
there is the insertion of the cannula, but that's only once every couple of
days.  Injections were never an issue for me:  I do what I have to to try
to keep diabetes under control - most of the time, that is.  However, I
absolutely love not having to take injections.  I also use the Silouhette
infusion set, which I find very simple to put in.  I can't feel it at all
once it is in.  I could easily forget what side of my belly I've inserted
it into .

If you are trying to sell your doctor on pumps, you may want to argue that
you will be more likely to control your blood sugars because you won't have
to inject.  You must be willing to do regular blood tests, however, and you
must be willing to insert the cannula.

Best wishes.


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