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Re: [IPk] visit to the consultant yesterday

!  Then he said, surely that small
>amount of insulin can't make a difference!  He also said, I'm trying to
>make less work for you, so I'm not really sure what work he thinks I'm
>doing.  I'm not really surprised he said this about the basals, however,
>because he was surprised when I last saw him that a quarter unit of long
>acting insulin made a difference to my numbers.  The only explanation I can
>think of for his attitude is that most people he works with are on
>absolutely huge amounts of insulin, so he hasn't experienced someone fairly
>insulin sensitive before.

Well, when you think many people can only adjust their insulinby 2 units at
a time, and the doctors get used to that, I suppose it is a bit of a
revelation for them. When I first heard about pumps, I couldn't see why you
would need to take a bolus in increments of less than 1 unit, or at least
0.5 units. I quickly discovered how useful it is when I came to use  a pump!

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