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[IPk] visit to the consultant yesterday

The dreaded visit with the consultant occured yesterday.  It did go well,
in that they tried to answer my questions about HbA1c variations.  However,
I'm becoming progressively more annoyed with the boxes on their forms.  The
nurse called me in after I saw the junior doctor, because he asked me for
my total daily basal amount, when of course what they need to know is my
basal profile.  I commented that their boxes don't fit what I do, and she
said, they don't really fit anybody.  Then they should bloody well change

The consultant has what I consider archaic notions of how insulin doses
actually work.  'Archaic' is my nice way of saying he hasn't a notion!  He
looked at my four basal rates (.5 midnight, .6 3am, .4 7am, .5 8pm) and
said, why do you have so many basal rates!  Then he said, surely that small
amount of insulin can't make a difference!  He also said, I'm trying to
make less work for you, so I'm not really sure what work he thinks I'm
doing.  I'm not really surprised he said this about the basals, however,
because he was surprised when I last saw him that a quarter unit of long
acting insulin made a difference to my numbers.  The only explanation I can
think of for his attitude is that most people he works with are on
absolutely huge amounts of insulin, so he hasn't experienced someone fairly
insulin sensitive before.


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