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No Subject

I am reading with interest all the comments with regard to IV insulin. 
Indeed when I am feeling really grotty with ultra high bgs I have often felt 
tempted to give myself a dose of IV insulin but as a health professional 
myself  I would be too frightened as I would fear the consequences and am 
aware of the dangers of giving IV drugs. The reasons doctors don't teach 
patients to do this themselves is that such procedures should only be used 
under medical supervision. The said nurses that injected their child in such 
a way would not have been trained to do so unless of course they put a 
cannula into their child's arm each time they administered the insulin. They 
should have been disciplined for professional misconduct if nothing else. I 
Do hope that anyone reading the listings would consult their medical 
practitioner before even considering such treatment. Carmel
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